Plug-in Hybrid Explained

Our Product Genius’ get asked a lot about plug-in hybrids. Most of the time it is the same question, so we decided to put their answers and insights all in one place. See below for the most common misconceptions of a Plug-in Hybrid:

PHEVs have a combustion engine and an electric motor, which means their range is not limited. The two can operate together or independently, providing the flexibility of local emission-free electric driving over shorter distances and efficient petrol power for longer journeys.

The best way to experience a plug-in hybrid is from behind the wheel. Why not book a test drive online* so you can compare a PHEV to a regular combustion engine car? Why not use our online comparison tool to compare PHEV performance stats with regular combustion engine models.

PHEVs offer impressive lifetime savings over combustion engine models.

All electric cars are built to meet the same strict design and manufacturing regulations as petrol and diesel vehicles.
Visit the Euro NCAP website to find detailed information on the safety ratings of all BMW PHEVs.

All BMW PHEVs are classed as ‘ultra-low emission vehicles’, with CO₂ emissions of less than 62g/km and
as low as 27g/km for the X5 xDrive45e. You can read more about PHEV efficiency and emissions here.

A 2020 report analysed real-world maintenance and repair cost data from thousands of households, concluding that PHEVs cost half as much to maintain as standard combustion engine vehicles.

BMW now offers 16 plug-in hybrid models in saloon, estate, MPV and SUV body styles. You can explore each model in detail online. By 2023, The BMW Group will have 25 electrified models in its range, 12 of which will be fully electric.

The BMW ChargeNow service provides access to 7,000 charging stations nationwide, while the My BMW app
helps owners identify their nearest charging point. Visit to explore your local options.

All new BMW PHEVs can reach 80% battery capacity in three to five hours using a public AC Fast
Charging station. They can also be charged to 80% in approximately three to five hours at home
using a bp pulse unit. Find out more about charging here.

*Test drive subject to applicant status and availability

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