sporty, elegant and inspiring

The BMW Z4 is the latest expression of the classic roadster – sporty, elegant and inspiring in every sense. A car truly driven by the heart. Powered by dynamic and efficient BMW TwinPower Turbo four and six-cylinder petrol engines, the BMW Z4 transforms from an exhilarating roadster into an authentic sports coupé at the touch of a button, thanks to its Retractable Hard-Top. And with a muscular design that extends from the long bonnet, through the lateral lines, all the way to the distinctive rear, the BMW Z4 promises one thing: pure driving pleasure.


Elegance, inspiration and perfection. The design of the BMW Z4 captivates the viewer with every detail and line. It effortlessly combines beautiful aesthetics with powerful sportiness. Which ensures that it remains one thing above all else – the expression of pure driving pleasure.

Exterior design

The BMW Z4 is a roadster designed the way only BMW can. The classic proportions of the stretched bonnet and short overhangs are complimented by the low seats near to the rear axle to grant the driver a perfect feel for the road. The modern shape, defined by an interplay of striking contours and soft mergers, fully captures the character of this vehicle from its characteristic kidney grille to the powerful wheel arches at the rear. However, it’s the way this roadster effortlessly negotiates straights and bends that makes it truly like no other.

Interior Design

The BMW Z4 is the reincarnation of the classic roadster. The interior design alone is proof of this, with shapes, materials and controls that are a pure expression of elegance and functionality, transforming a journey into a dynamic experience.

Like a well-tailored suit, the BMW Z4 is expertly customised to meet the needs of the driver. From the asymmetrical centre console to the optimally positioned instruments and round control elements that echo the legendary BMW Z8, a journey inside this vehicle offers a new discovery in elegance every time. Even with the roof closed, the overwhelming feeling of freedom remains and the bond between the driver, the vehicle and the road is as close as ever.

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