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The great thing about electric car charging at home is that it’s easy to do. There are different home car charging points that you can use depending on what suits you best, so you can be sure you’re always ready to hit the road.


You don’t actually need any complex installation or unit to charge at home.
Simply use the standard charging cable and adapter included with your all-electric MINI to plug into any conventional household 230-volt power socket (SchuKo).

2.5 hours of slow charging will be enough for your next commute of up to 50 km.

A whole night using the household plug will be enough on average to give you several days of city driving.


A wallbox offers you a convenient, faster alternative to the standard mains supply, if you want to charge your EV regularly at home.

More power: a dedicated, 3-phase 11 kW wallbox connection will generally give you up to 3-times faster charging time. So your All-electric MINI can be fully charged within around 3.5 hours.

Safety first: a wallbox is specifically designed with overheating protection and a fault circuit breaker to allow for a constant high load.

Convenience: there is nowhere more convenient to charge your car than those places you spend most time during the day or overnight.

To install a wallbox, you will need the expert assistance of an approved electrician. If you are interested in installing a MINI Wallbox, we would be happy to help you locate such a specialist in your area. MINI now offers highly attractive options which give you the chance to finance a wallbox with your All-Electric MINI at competitive rates.

You can find more information about the wallboxes we offer right below.

Charging your MINI at home is just as easy as charging anything else. Whether it’s through a conventional 3-pin plug or a home wall box, find everything you need to know by watching our useful home charging video below.



The fastest charging points are typically found at motorway service stations and on main routes. They use a DC supply to charge rapidly at a rating of up to 50kw. Using this method, the MINI Electric can charge from 0-80% in as little as 36 minutes.


Fast charging points are the most common and deliver an AC supply at a higher rating of either 7.4kw or 11kw. While MINI Electric can use both, it has a maximum rating of 11kw with an AC supply. Which means a full charge would take 3 hours and 30 minutes.


Slow charging points are less common and tend to be older devices. They deliver an AC supply and are rated at up to 2.3kw. If you have enough time, MINI Electric can achieve a full charge in 12 hours. You can also use this method by charging with a standard 3 pin plug at home.



Ever more supermarkets, shopping centres and DIY stores are offering free use of their AC, and DC, charging stations or triple chargers at their parking facilities. Many hotels are also keen to be seen as more environmentally aware and making more effort to accommodate guests with electric vehicles. Multi-storey car parks are also offering electric parking spaces at no extra cost.

Your employer might also consider setting up charging facilities for you and your colleagues if space allows.


Many AC public charging stations require you to bring your own Type 2 cable. They offer the same power as a wallbox athome and you can charge a MINI Electric with the same 11 kW, while the MINI COUNTRYMAN plug-in hybrid uses 3.7 kW. Your MINI includes a Type 2 cable, enabling you to charge wherever you go. Take a look at the other cables available below.


Wherever you’re heading off to, your all-electric MINI couldn’t be better equipped. You can also take advantage of fast charging of up to 50 kW via the Combined Charging System (CCS). This is the standard for rapid charging in Europe.

The upper part of the plug resembles the Type 2 plug, while the more powerful conectors below allow for direct current (DC) with a much higher voltage and amperage. AC power has to be transformed by your vehicle, while DC power directly charges your battery.

CCS chargers include the charging cable and no additional hardware is needed. The combination of practically-sized charging capacity and stable charging performance of your MINI ensures you can take many ways to reach your destination – and always have several charging options within reach.

Please note that plug-in hybrids usually don’t support CCS as the smaller battery can’t take as much power.

Charging your MINI in public couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re connecting through AC or DC charging, find everything you need to know by watching our useful home charging video below.


MINI Charging gives you instant access to one of the largest public charging networks and will allow you to seamlessly connect to over 11,000 electric vehicle charging stations in the UK. It’ll also give you access to stations in all other MINI Charging markets within Europe. Currently in the UK the MINI Electric network is connected to charging points from key operators such as our partner Pod Point, ChargepointNetwork UK and others, as well as high-power charging stations available via IONITY.

In your MINI Electric, you’re never far away from a public charging point. And there’s more than one way to find them.


The MINI Electric on-board sat-nav makes it easy to find nearby charging locations using voice control or touch screen. With live traffic updates, MINI Navigation always finds the fastest way.


Take control with the MINI App. Plan routes in advance based on your battery usage. Keep track of your available charge. And find charging points fast for longer journeys or top-ups.


Download this handy ev charging app. Zap-Map helps you find more than 15,000 public charging points across the UK. Plan routes and find charging points, tailored around your battery usage.


Upon account creation you are presented with a single basic tariff, named Flex tariff.

The Flex tariff provides access to all included network operators without any monthly membership/subscription fees. This base tariff is most suitable for occasional users as the customer only pays for the charging sessions they complete. The price for the charging session is determined by the individual charging point operator and therefore varies dependent on the charging point/network used. The current pricing for each charging point is shown directly in the MINI Charging app or website and it is recommended that the customer always check the prices in operation prior to commencing the charging session. Typical prices range from £0.18-£0.42 per kWh for AC/DC charge points.

For more frequent public charging users, you can choose to add optional packages. Whereby for a monthly subscription fee, each package provides more attractive/preferential pricing for charging sessions conducted on those networks.

bppulse package

The bppulse package is suitable for frequent users of the bppulse network.

For a monthly subscription fee of £7.85 you can access preferential pricing per/kWh when charging at the included bppulse charging points. There are currently >5,000 MINI compatible bppulse charging points available in the UK


New vehicle customers who have purchased a new fully electric or plug-in hybrid MINI vehicle through Bowker MINI and whose vehicle handover took/takes place on or after 01 April 2021 are eligible to receive the “bppulse” package for 12 months without subscription fee if they have registered for the Flex tariff.**

**The offer is valid once for a specific vehicle from 1stApril 2021 and cannot be transferred to other vehicles or owners. After the subscription fee exemption expires, the regular Flex Tariff conditions will be applied. This promotional offer applies to the package subscription fee only, usage costs remain the responsibility of the customer. This promotional offer does not apply to used vehicles.

The MINI Navigation system shows all charging points within the MINI Charging network.

The MINI Charging App is available for both Apple iOS and Android.

The My MINI App.

To start and end a charging session at a MINI Charging partner charging point, either the RFID card or mobile app may be used, depending on the capability of the charge point.

Yes of course. Simply use the steadily expanding public network of MINI Charging or other charging stations as available, such as from your employer. The MINI App* or the navigation system in your vehicle shows you public charge points in the vicinity.

Attractive public charging tariffs and personalised offers are also available exclusively to MINI customers.

The time taken to charge electric cars (depending on the cable or charging station) takes longer with alternating current (AC), while direct current (DC) is significantly faster. The new MINI Electric, for example, is charged from 0-80% after approx. 35 minutes when charged with 50 kW at a Rapid charging (DC) station. These are commonly found at motorway service stations. Alternatively, using a BP Pulse wallbox, the charging time is between 3 – 5 hours.

Discover the MINI electric & PHEV RANGE.

Discover the MINI Range at your local Bowker Centre and experience the fun for yourself with a test drive*. Fill out the form on this page or call your local Bowker MINI Centre: Bowker Preston 01772 761 234 | Bowker Blackburn 01254 274 333

* Test drive subject to applicant status and availability.

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