Life-Saving Defibrillator Installed After Employee Emergency

Bowker Ribble Valley has installed its first defibrillator after an employee who suffered from chest pains required an ambulance. 

Andy Armstrong, a technician at the dealership, fell unwell on 17th June last year. After a short stay in Blackburn Royal Hospital, he has recovered. But, the experience prompted discussions about installing a defibrillator on site. 

More than 20 Bowker Ribble Valley staff are now getting to grips with the new defibrillator.  St. John’s Ambulance have provided on-site first aid training for employees.

Andy Armstrong, who inspired the defibrillator installation, said: “I was lucky. The ambulance service responded quickly.  And their prompt care made all the difference. It was an anxious time, and the experience made me think of others who may also need help.

“We started talking about having a defibrillator on-site. It’s great news that we’ve installed one. Better still, it will be available to anyone in the local area who may need it.”

Since their introduction in the early 2000s, The UK Resuscitation Council say that defibrillators have saved over 30,000 lives in the UK.  Many private UK companies and organisations now have defibrillators in case of a cardiac emergency. Bowker Motor Group already has five defibrillators (now six, including the new one at Ribble Valley) across sites in Preston and Blackburn.

Bowker Ribble Valley director Chris Eccles added: “We are grateful that Andy is fit and well. His experience was a timely reminder to us all. Our investment in another defibrillator will make a positive impact on our community. Health, well-being, and safety are top priorities. It is another small way we can help make a difference.”