GPS Vehicle Trackers

We offer a range of vehicle trackers offering another level of protection for you and your vehicle. The Thatcham Approved Trackers supplied by ScorpionTrack offers drivers the security of being able to track their vehicle by using the Smart App.

Thatcham Approval is often a requirement of vehicle insurance policies for high value, sports, classic and prestige vehicles plus valuable plant and fleet vehicles but it is also sought after by those concerned with losing their vehicles as a result theft by use of sophisticated devices or of key theft or hi-jacking.

ScorpionTrack Driver S7.

Designed to respond to the growing trends of vehicle theft.  ScorpionTrack S7-ALS is an advanced vehicle tracking solution with 24/7/365 theft monitoring delivering you security and peace of mind.

Total including fitting & VAT £249.00


ScorpionTrack Driver S5.

Designed to respond to the growing trends of vehicle theft including instances where the owner’s keys are cloned or the vehicles’ on-board computer is hacked.

ScorpionTrack S5-VTS is an advanced vehicle tracking solution with 24/7/365 theft monitoring delivering you security and peace of mind.

Total including fitting & VAT £399.00

The S7 Thatcham approved tracker replaces the CAT 6 Tracker. If you have a CAT 6 Tracker installed, this is still valid and active if your insurance policy is now requiring an S7.The S5 Trackers provides all of the features and benefits of the S7 with the addition of the below:
Both the CAT 6 and S7 are the same level of GPS tracking technology and service, this is why some insurers have not updated the terminology for the S7 categoryADR (Automatic Driver Recognition)
The S7 Tracker is the standard requirement for the theft recovery systems, resulting in it being the most commonly fitted tracking device.This system is effective against key theft and key cloning. You will be provided with a small ADR fob which will identify you as the authorised driver. The fob is not attached to your car keys but is kept with you whenever you use the vehicle.
24/7 Control Room MonitoringIn the event, the vehicle is moved, by starting the ignition or without your key while the fob is not present. A silent alert is instantly raised to our Control Room. We will then quickly determine if a theft is taking place and work directly with the police to recover the vehicle.
In the event of a theft or unauthorised movement, our fully staffed control room are trained to guide the police directly to the vehicle, utilising advanced real-time tracking technology that is a standard feature of the S7 Tracker 
European Coverage 
Normally, if your vehicle is logged as stolen it will be recovered within minutes. With global coverage, even if the car leaves the country it can still be found. This also allows you to use your vehicle abroad and be provided with the same level of protection that your S7 Tracker offers in the UK. 
Motion Alert 
In the event your vehicle is moved by thieves without turning the ignition or attempt to tow your vehicle, an alert is raised in our control room. 

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    There are a number of different subscription options with both the S7 and S5 Trackers, they are as follows*

    Subscription Type ScorpionTrack S7 ScorpionTrack S5
    Monthly Subscription £12.49 £13.49
    1 Year Subscription £139.00 £155.00
    2 Year Subscription £239.00 £255.00
    3 Year Subscription £329.00 £345.00
    4 Year Subscription £409.00 £425.00
    5 Year Subscription £479.00 £495.00
    Lifetime £499.00 £585.00
    *Ts & Cs apply. Figures subject to change without notice.