Finance Solutions

Finance your BMW Motorcycle.

Who better to finance your BMW motorcycle than BMW Motorrad Financial Services? Our variety of options make it easy for you to own a motorcycle.

(Deposit + Monthly Payments + Optional Final Payment).

For riders who like to keep their options open, with lots of choice at the end of their agreement. BMW Select is our personal contract purchase (PCP) solution.

Decide on your deposit, how long you want your finance to last and what your annual mileage is likely to be. We take a portion of the cost of your BMW motorcycle and freeze it till the end of your finance agreement – this becomes your optional final payment and, better still, it also reduces your monthly payments. We use our experience to predict what your BMW motorcycle will be worth when your finance agreement ends – this is your motorcycle’s Guaranteed Future Value and becomes your optional final payment amount.

When your agreement comes to an end, you have the choice of three options with BMW Select: Part-exchange your current BMW motorcycle for a new one, pay the optional final payment and keep the motorcycle or just return your motorcycle to us.

(Deposit + Monthly payments).

For riders who want to pay for their BMW motorcycle monthly, until they end up owning it, with no mileage restrictions.

Decide on your deposit and how long you’d like your agreement to last (anything from 24 months to 60 months). We then work out what your monthly payments will be. At the end of your agreement, your BMW is yours to keep.

Get in touch with our finance team at Bowker Motorrad more details or a no obligation quotation. Call us on 01772 767300 or complete the enquiry form on the page and we’ll be in touch.