BMW Genuine Oil

The Best Oils for the Best Engines.

BMW ADVANTEC PRO 15w50 and ADVANTEC ULTIMATE 5w40 were specifically developed for BMW Motorrad high performance engines with unique formulas to guarantee long term performance. In addition to passing conventional tests, they also performed extremely well in the very challenging testing procedures developed by BMW.

The quality is crystal clear.

The quality of engine oil depends largely on its main components: the base oils. They make up approximately 75-90% of an engine oil product. Original BMW Motorrad Engine Oils use Shell Pure Plus technology which makes base oils from natural gas rather than crude oil. The result? Crystal clear base oils containing virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil.

Key Benefits.

  • Enhanced viscosity means the Oil rapidly lubricates the engine for better cold starts and consistent performance in extreme temperatures
  • Reduced friction For up to 3% fuel savings
  • Lower evaporation loss Reduces oil consumption
  • Best cleansing capabilities Innovative active cleansing technology keeps the engine close to factory clean
  • Superior protection against corrosion and wear
  • Helps prolong the engine lifetime

Simplified Range Oil Recommendation.

The range of engine oil specifications and grades previously suggested for use in BMW Motorcycles has been considerably reduced, resulting in a choice from just two recommended engine oils. These two engine oils will now serve the entire BMW range of motorcycle models, whether old or new!

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