Rusty Rally 2015 – The Two Paulos

Paul Rowley (Rowland Homes) and Paul Bowker (Bowker Motor Group) will soon be heading off on a whistle stop tour of europe in a £500 BMW in aid of the Outward Bound Trust.


The Outward Bound Trust holds great focus around the development of young people. Taking away from their comfort zones and into the wilderness, the charity endeavour to provide young people with experiences they will never forget. The overall aim is to take children from all walks of life and plunge them into challenging and unfamiliar situations. In turn they become more confident, more effective and more capable at school, college and in the wprkplace.



Paul Rowley – Rowland Homes

Paul Rowley, group managing director of Rowland, was brought up in and around the construction industry, so it was only a matter of time, and the right circumstances, before he started his own business. In 1993, the acquisition of a promising piece of land in Leeds helped Paul realise his ambitions and Rowland Homes was formed.

Paul Bowker – Bowker Motor Group

Paul has overseen an incredibly busy transition period for the Bowker Motor Group in recent years. With winning the Maserati franchise for the North West and Cumbria, the acquisition of Southport Superbikes and the re-development of Preston BMW and Bowker Harley-Davidson. Paul enjoys playing golf, clay pigeon shooting and spending time with family!


Well a challenge it certainly is. £500 might not get you very far in today’s used car market, but the two Pauls are hoping this little BMW 3 Series Compact has got at least 700 miles left in it. What a 700 miles it will be, starting in Folkestone and negotiating some of the most incredible roads in Europe including through the Black Forest of Germany, the Rhine Falls and the incredible San Bernadino Pass. 

The three day adventure will grind to a hault alongside the beatifully picturesque and atmospheric Lake Como, where, out of a convoy of distincly mediocre cars will step a group of decidedly grumpy and tired Brits. Although, the long hours will have been worth it due to the kindness of everyone who has donated to this brilliant cause.

Over £10,000 has been raised already and we would love to keep that effort going and generate as much as possible. If you would lilke to donate, please click the link below.


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