Learn At Work Week


At Bowker Motor Group, we are proud to be celebrating Learning at Work Week (LAW Week – May 15th to 21st) this week.

Learning at Work Week is an annual event that shines a light on the power of continual learning and development in the workplace. Led nationally by Campaign for Learning, LAW Week aims to foster learning cultures and emphasise the importance and benefits of ongoing learning.

Throughout this LAW Week, we’ll showcase our commitment to learning and its incredible impact on our team members and organisation. We’ll share daily staff stories telling us what continual learning has meant to them and the advantages it has created. 

We’ll discover the following:

  • How learning is the foundation for growth and success. 
  • The importance of curiosity, personal development, and professional advancement. 

This year, LAW Week’s theme is “Create the future.” This theme focuses on how lifelong learning in the workplace helps us personally achieve our goals but also enables us to shape our lives, communities, and the world around us. Through continuous learning, we drive innovation and achieve our organisational ambitions.

Join us as we embrace Learning at Work Week and create a brighter future together. Let’s tap into the power of lifelong learning, inspire each other, and achieve remarkable things. 

At Bowker Motor Group, we’re ready to make the most of LAW Week and set our sights on an exciting journey of growth and development. Read the stories of our employees below:

Jess O'Neill

senior marketing executive

I joined Bowker in 2016 when I was 17. Since joining the company, I’ve completed my CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Level 4 Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing. I’m currently completing my CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing to get my Chartership.

I truly believe my career in marketing started when I began my studies. It opened my eyes to the world of digital marketing, improved my professional knowledge, and helped my self-confidence within the job. I’ve always been naturally creative, but having the opportunity to study the theory of marketing has added another string to my bow. 

I’ve learnt everything from digital marketing strategy, campaign planning, customer experience management, and the importance marketing has in business growth. I enjoyed meeting fellow marketers from different sectors in the classroom – being able to share a common interest and having the support of like-minded individuals throughout the past year has been extremely valuable. 

Whilst learning at work, I have been lucky enough to have the support of my fantastic Manager, Amy Lancaster-Hall. Amy is a Chartered Marketer through the CIM Programme. I can support other employees with my new-found knowledge, which can be applied to my daily jobs. I’m incredibly proud of my promotion to senior marketing executive, which I couldn’t have achieved without my learning.

On-the-job learning has been a fantastic opportunity for me to grow as a marketer and support the growth of the business! I work within a great team, and it’s a delight to assist in decision-making and strategy planning, all supported by my learning. Likewise, this would apply to anyone in any professional sector pursuing on-the-job learning.

The digital marketing environment is constantly changing, and it is essential to maintain consistent learning whilst using my knowledge to bring new and innovative ideas to the table to stay ahead of the curve!

If you’re considering taking a course at work? I say: ”Do it!” At Bowker, we’re lucky to have an employer supporting our professional development. I encourage anyone to expand their knowledge within their department to jump in! It! It can be challenging when working full-time. You need to be prepared for the long hours of hard work. But the results make it all worthwhile.

Chris Nuttall

Workshop manager

I joined Bowker in 2003 as a Technician. I started training through the academy, working towards achieving BMW Technician status and BMW Senior Technician certification.  Most recently, I am currently working towards my Management and Leadership certification.

The course highlights the positive impact of flexibility and responsiveness on individuals and group dynamics. It emphasises the importance of these qualities in creating an environment that helps us all grow and develop. This means higher motivation, engagement, and productivity among individuals and groups. 

I enjoyed learning about myself and understanding my core strengths and those of others. Learning helps you prepare for different situations, including having the technical knowledge to give our customers the best experience and reassurance. Their vehicle is in our care.  

I will always want to develop further.  Whether at work, the Academy or home, every day is a school day! Lifelong learning is helping me keep up to date with changes and developments, including allowing us, as leaders, at all levels, to focus on how we communicate and work with one another.

Ella Grimshaw

Receptionist/showroom host

I have been working at Bowker since November 2020. I attended Blackburn College and worked in Reception at Bowker BMW.

In college, I learned how to treat customers equally and deal with complaints. I learned a lot about Bowker and the company’s working processes. I enjoyed the one day out of work to learn something different. 

As part of the customer service course, I had to make journal entries on what I had done in the past week. This helped me understand my job roles and responsibilities in Reception.

Continual learning helps bring new knowledge to the business. It also encourages team-building skills and grows the business. I’ve developed a lot too! I can research different topics, have good communication skills, and adapt to different environments.  

I would encourage colleagues to take the course I completed. It is a good step toward improving knowledge and understanding. It also gives the knowledge you now have to share with colleagues to improve how the team works, and we work together.

Phil Darwen

senior Technician

In 2022 I achieved Senior Technician status in the spring. I then continued studying at home and work and achieved Master Technician status during the Autumn.

It’s one of the most challenging technical accreditations in his trade, and I’m now one of only 70 Master Technicians in the country. I’ve been told that completing my senior and master technician accreditations in the same year is rare and typically takes candidates years to complete.

 BMW offers pioneering technology on their vehicles, and I enjoy keeping up to date with the systems they use. The BMW Connected App and the cars’ digital systems are ever-changing. Having the opportunity to learn whilst at work, with the current range of vehicles, helps me to stay familiar with and assist customers effectively.

BMW’s hybrid/electric range is advancing rapidly. Keeping up with this technology is my current challenge and will shape my learning over the coming months.

I have over 25 years of experience in the motor industry. The product has changed so much over time. Learning has been vital to stay ahead and achieve my ambitions. Continued education is crucial to offer our customers the expected service and keep staff focused.

I encourage any of my colleagues to embrace any learning they can. Having the knowledge we need to serve our customers well also significantly increases personal job satisfaction.