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Pure Perfection Everyday - Maserati Ghibli Test Drive




There is nothing I don’t like about this car, reports motoring correspondent Michael Smallbone, as he test drives the long awaited Maserati Ghibli. Photography: TVPAV.com

Life can be full of pleasant and exciting surprises that can completely make you re-evaluate what’s presented to you. When I was asked to contact Bowker Maserati to test drive their latest model, the Ghibli, I expected to be told I would be taking the wheel of a high performance petrol engine sports car, but this wasn’t to be the case.

The Ghibli is the latest edition to the Maserati family. It fits perfectly into the prestige saloon car sector and has been designed to make inspirational motoring an everyday experience. What’s more, the particular car I had the pleasure of driving, is powered by a three litre V6 turbo diesel engine that produces 275BHP allowing the car to accelerate to 100km/h in just 6.3 seconds – to say I was eager to be handed the keys was an understatement!

As I arrived at Bowker Ribble Valley’s recently completed Maserati showroom I was immediately taken by the gleaming black Ghibli parked outside. Was this impressive specimen the car I would be driving? Gary, the Maserati sales specialist, confirmed it was … fantastic! The keyless entry system meant I could simply open the driver’s door without the need to unlock it, and take my seat in the luxurious leather trimmed cabin. The beautifully crafted exterior bodywork complemented by the sumptuous leather interior is the essence of Italian luxury.

With great anticipation I pressed the start/stop button and was amazed by what I heard – the design team at Maserati in Modena have cleverly developed a system known as Active Sound which means two acoustic actuators have been installed near the exhaust pipes which accentuate the distinctive sound of the engine, you could be forgiven for thinking that there was a petrol powered V8 under the bonnet! Having settled in the comfortable wrap-around seat and getting into the ideal driving position, I set off from Bowker along the fast flowing A59 and was immediately impressed by the sheer speed and comfort that the Ghibli has to offer. Having learnt that maximum torque is available from the bottom to the top of the rev range I was keen to try it out - the verdict was outstanding, the throttle response is like nothing I’ve experienced before. As I turned off the busy main road to the more demanding country roads towards Ribchester, I chose to explore Sport mode – once engaged the dynamics of the car improve beyond perfection and, what’s more, the exhaust note went up an octave, which just added even more to this exciting and involving drive.

I decided to pull over and take the opportunity to have a play around with the 8.4” display in the middle of the dashboard. This screen is the Maserati Touch Control where you can access the in-car entertainment, navigation and communication systems. The high specification of the system means you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, which then allows you to stream music from your phone as well as take calls entirely hands-free. All audio from the Ghibli is delivered to your ears from eight high performance speakers (B&W) that are all perfectly integrated into the interior design, although various sound system upgrades are available for those wanting more.

Unfortunately the time had come to return the Ghibli back to the Bowker showroom, which gave me an opportunity to reflect on the prospect of owning and driving a Ghibli on a day to day basis.

Nothing came to mind that I didn’t like – the cabin is extremely comfortable with exceptional attention to detail, the whole driving experience is like no other saloon car available today and I am certain I would never tire of seeing that beautiful shape on the drive in the morning. Even the cost is comparatively realistic with a starting price of £48,830 and with fuel economy more than acceptable, the prospect of Maserati ownership really is quite appealing especially given the locality of my new Maserati dealer. The Ghibli is just one of the four Maserati models that are available to view and test drive at Bowker Maserati, who are open seven days a week. This is an outstanding car in every way – take it on a test drive and perhaps you can make your dream a reality.

For more information or to book a test drive please contact the team on 01254 769079 or complete the enquiry form to the right.

Credit to Michael Smallbone and Live Magazines.