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Leather Restoration

Leather Restoration

Most leather interiors will suffer some degree of damage or wear over the years. Drivers seats are particularly prone to premature wearing on the side bolsters due to the constant rubbing effect caused by simply getting in and out of the car, even burned by cigarette ash. Cloth and leather upholstery can be repaired almost invisibly to restore your vehicle’s look.

Other common problems we encounter are colour transfer often found on light coloured leathers from denim jeans - a blue cast is often noticeable on the leather and can't be removed by normal cleaning. Scratches caused by clothing buttons and studs are other common problem.

When restoring your vehicle’s leather, we use similar products to those what are used when your leather is first manufactured. Using the latest techniques we ensure that the leather won’t fade, flake, peel, crack or wear away. Any of these problems can be solved at a fraction of the cost of new original leather covers or re-trimming.

Leather colours are matched to your individual vehicles colour using the very latest computer aided technology and we use the highest quality leather coatings that will outperform many original manufacturers.

Our repair services offer expertise in the leather restoration providing outstanding results. Every step is taken with extreme care, thought and consideration.

For more information please contact the Bowker Maserati Team on 01254 769079.