Winter Corrosion Protectant

Beat the threat of rust and corrosion this winter with an application of XCP™ Rust Blocker to your motorcycle.

XCP Rust Blocker is a market leading soft, anti-corrosive compound. It creates a long lasting protective barrier to protect any steel, metal or alloy surface against the effects of rust and corrosion.

We have two offers available:

  •  £19.95 400ml XCP™ Rust Blocker Aerosol
  • £49.95 XCP™ Rust Blocker application in our Workshop with initial steam clean and dry

For a demonstration or more information, please call us on 01772 767300 and speak to our Service team. Or complete the enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

Watch the video below to see how XCP™ Rust Blocker beat the competition in John at Bike Social’s test!

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