BMW C Evolution




With the BMW C evolution, you can experience the urban mobility of tomorrow today – without having to make any compromises. On the contrary: this electro maxi scooter combines sustainability, dynamics and agility in a single design which draws all the looks. It not only allows you to leave the exhaust gases and noise behind, but also every other vehicle in urban traffic with ease. The powerful, fully-electric drive quickly brings you to your destination and in so doing ensures sheer riding pleasure. And thanks to a range of up to 160 kilometres, your joy will last all day long. Added to this are four riding modes and intelligent energy recuperation when braking and accelerating. Maximised riding performance, environmental compatibility, innovative technologies – the C evolution is uncompromising riding pleasure. 

Model Variants.

BMW C Evolution.


  • Available in: Mineral Grey Metallic / Black
  • ABS 
  • Torque Control Assist
  • On-Board Computer
  • Riding Modes
  • Reverse Gear
  • LED Daytime Running light
  • LED Indicators
  • Charging Cable with 3 pin domectic Plug 13 amp
  • 12V Socket
  • Centre Stand
  • Tinted Windsheild

From: £14,025


The energy storage device in the BMW C evolution consists of three modules, each of which has twelve lithium-ion battery cells. Thanks to the battery modules of the latest generation with 94 Ah as opposed to 60 Ah, the range of the C evolution is now up to 160 kilometres (per WMTC).

Entirely waterproof, the battery casing is made of die-cast aluminium and also houses the entire electronic control and charging system. It is both a supporting chassis part and a crash protector for the lithium-ion battery module.

BMW i was the technological inspiration behind the C evolution battery. The high-quality modules are identical to those used in the BMW i3 and are produced at the same plant in Dingolfing. Parts of the electronic control system were also adopted from the i3 and i8. This covers voltage, current and temperature and ensures that the high voltage is securely activated and deactivated.