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MINI Original Oil Top Up Kit - £20.40

MINI Original Oil Top Up Kit - £20.40

RRP £25.50

NOW £20.40

There are a number of very good reasons reasons to choose MINI Service. One of them: the fact that Genuine MINI Parts are used at all times. Because nothing is more important than having “The Original”. Even when it comes to engine oil. 

MINI engines unleash a driving dynamic like no other manufacturer. Innovative high-performance engines require premium oils that keep up with rapid development. In cooperation with Shell, Original MINI Engine Oils were developed based on the unique Shell PurePlus Technology.

Engine oil quality depends largely on its main components: the base oils. They make up approximately 75-90% of an engine oil. Original MINI Engine Oils are based on the new patented Shell PurePlus Technology, which makes base oils from natural gas instead of crude oil. The result: crystal clear base oils that contain virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil. Shell PurePlus Technology marks a breakthrough in how engine oils are formulated to provide enhanced viscosity, reduced friction and lower volatility

So, what are the benefits?

SAFETY - Customers can count on BMW/MINI Service Centres to only use high-quality original products, including Genuine Parts and Original BMW and MINI Engine Oils. This guarantees the customer’s mobility.

SUSTAINABILITY - Original BMW and MINI Engine Oils reduce oil and fuel consumption – ensuring sustainable driving pleasure!

VALUE PRESERVATION - Using Original BMW and MINI Engine Oils keeps the engine clean and efficient. Along with BMW/MINI Service expertise, it helps maintain the vehicle’s value.

The BMW Original Engine Oil 1 Ltr top-up kit is priced at £20.40 and is available from the Service or Parts departments.

For more information on BMW Original Engine Oil,  please speak to a member of the team by contacting Bowker Preston on 01772 769976 or Bowker Blackburn on 01254 274444.


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