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Vehicle Detailing

Vehicle Detailing

Vehicle detailing is often described as "the cleaning of the exterior / interior to remove visible dust, dirt and grime, leaving the surfaces clean and shiny". Although a very simple task, paint damage and surface imperfections are often caused by incorrect washing techniques. Bowker Maserati offer a comprehensive vehicle detailing service starting with the ‘wash and vac’ and finishing with the ‘Premier Plus valet’.

Incorrect washing techniques can cause component damage. Harmful acidic products, used to clean wheels and lower sections of the car can cause rusted brake callipers, wheel nuts, exhaust tips and brake disc surrounds. Whilst very abrasive compounds and improper use of a rotary polishing machine result in circular scratches and very visible grooves in the vehicles top coat and paint imperfections. They remove huge amounts of the vehicles clear coat, whilst inflicting "holograms" and buffer trails.

Why not leave your pride and joy in the very capable hands of our Bowker Maserati Valeting Team who offer the perfect combination of treatments to ensure the restoration, enhancement, preservation and on-going maintenance of your vehicle’s cosmetics remains the same as the day you bought it.

For more information please contact the Bowker Maserati Team on 01254 769079.