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Maserati Longlife Kit

Maserati Longlife Kit

"What is beautiful is a joy for every season and a possession for all eternity". (Oscar Wilde). Maserati vehicles are not afraid of time, since their shapely lines will be unaffected by fleeting trends. To keep the charm of your jewel unaltered over the years, you can simply use the products from the Maserati Genuine Accessories range. Observing a few basic precautions you will be able to preserve the aesthetic features of your vehicle over time.

The below products are now available in bundles for different model years as detailed below.

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The Outdoor Car Cover provides optimal protection to your car from dust, scratches and weather effects. The use of high-performance fabric makes the cover waterproof, breathable and stretchable: this eliminates all wind effects, for a perfect fit under any conditions.

Maserati Car Cover


A combination of strength and elegance, the Maserati wheel rims blend tradition and fashion with the Trident logo on the spokes. A unique design, where even the finest details are highlighted thanks to the lightweight, rustproof Valve Covers which are resistant to all weather conditions.

Maserati Branded Valve Caps


The Side Protective Film kits specially designed for Maserati Models have been developed with the aim of preserving your car bodywork in the best condition and protect it from scratches and stone chips.

Maserati Side Protective Films


The vehicle wheel rims are in a potentially vulnerable position: the special Security Stud Bolts, specifically designed for your vehicle, allow the wheel rims to be fitted and removed only using the special wrench provided in the kit, therefore preventing the risk of theft.

Maserati Security Stud Kit


Elegant and branded, the Maserati Luggage net is the ideal solution to secure the luggage in the boot and prevent it from moving around. The GranTurismo version envisages fitting the net next to the recess on the left-hand side of the luggage compartment.

Maserati Luggage Net

 Kit to fit  Includes  RRP
 Pre 2014 Quattroporte  Outdoor Car Cover  £328.02
 Valve Caps
 Side Protective Films Right Side
 Side Protective Films Left Side
 Security Stud Kit
 Post 2014 Quattroporte  Outdoor Car Cover  £251.78
 Luggage Compartment Net
 Valve Caps
 Ghibli  Outdoor Car Cover  £574.00
 Valve Caps
 Side Protective Films Right Side
 Side Protective Films Left Side
 Security Stud Kit

Preserve the unique beauty that distinguishes your Maserati. For more information on any of the products listed above, please contact us on 01254 769079.