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Stage 1 Upgrade

Stage 1 Upgrade



The basic purpose of a Stage One is to modify the air filter, exhaust system, and fuel metering system to run as efficiently as possible, allowing it to breathe freely and, as a result, increasing the available power.

Moving more air and fuel through the engine is the fastest (and most cost-effective) way to generate more power and torque. A free-flowing air filter and matching tuned exhaust will add performance you can really feel. Heavy breather and Stage 1 Free Flow Air Filters bring a big boost and a sweet-sounding exhaust system delivers power you can feel across a broad RPM range.

There are different interpretations and variations of what constitutes a Stage One but generally speaking it is recalibration of the air intake and exhaust systems to improve air flow, often using aftermarket accessories that are better equipped to achieve this. One important aspect of the process is that upgrading one part without the others won't give the desired effect. It also generally requires no internal engine modifications.



1 - Enhanced exhaust systems have an ability to provide less restriction for gases to escape. You also get the added bonus of unleashing that trademark, raw Harley engine sound.

2 - Throttle reponse recieves a noticable increases and feels much sharper.

3 - Overall increase in BHP of your bike, giving you a faster take off.

4 - Stage 1 upgrades are highly regarded and in turn have the potential to add to the overall value of your bike.

5 - Looks are objective, but the exhaust system and air filter have the ability to give your bike a unique identity.



The variety of combinations available is endless, with different designs and models available. The full stage 1 conversion starts from around £1,100. 

For a full stage 1 consultation and quote please call our parts advisors and lets discuss your plans!

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